Harmony Yerevan was founded by fashion lover Lilith Tonakanyan. She developed a passion for fashion from a young age. Starting from student years she used to sew dresses for herself. Her dresses enjoyed popularity among her friends; everyone liked what she was doing. Over the years, Lilith Tonakanyan had an idea to set up her own fashion house. In 2011 in Yerevan, this idea became a reality. She met a clothes designer Michael Danielyan and that served as a start point for the further successful cooperation. In the same year, Lilith Tonakanyan launched womenswear brand Harmony and Michael Danielyan became the creative director of the brand. The first collection of Harmony enjoyed great success in Armenia. In 2012, the brand opened a showroom in the heart of Yerevan, a year later Harmony was renamed to Harmony Yerevan. During the 5 years of brand’s history, Harmony Yerevan represented ten collections. On one hand all the collections are different from one another; on the other hand the signature of the brand is very recognizable. The main idea of Harmony Yerevan is to make women feel comfortable and beautiful, being individual. As one can guess from it’s name, a woman and her clothes must be in harmony.



Born in 1979 in Yerevan, Armenia, Michael Danielyan was meant to be a creative personality in every aspect of his life. At the age of fifteen, he started to study clothes design and sewing in Professional Technical Gymnasia and got the 4th rate Master qualification. He continued his study of clothes design and clothes presentation in an Armenian Fashion Center Atex. In 2001 Michael started to work in Atex as a clothes designer and runway choreographer. During the 10 years of his productive career at Atex he participated in numerous competitions. In 2000 while taking part in the fashion competition Armenian Silhouette, he won in the nomination “The best collection made with non-traditional materials”. Then in 2002 he won a Grand Prix in an international competition Hope of Europe in Sochi, Russia. In 2004 he represented Armenia in the “Days of Slavonic culture in Paris”. Michael Danielyan took the 1st place in the international competition “Russian Silhouette” in Yerevan. A year later, the Award of the President of Armenia, a gold medal for achievements in the sphere of art and cinema was given to Michael Danielyan. In 2006 he represented his collection during the opening ceremony of the “Year of Armenia in Russia” in the Moscow Kremlin, Russia. He took courses of make-up artist and received the Kryolan Interntational Certificate. During the years 2010-2011 Michael Danielyan worked as a fashion stylist in the fashion magazine “EL Style”. His career turned over after 2011 when he became the creative director of an Armenian womenswear brand Harmony Yerevan. Season by season he represents collections made of different materials, combinations and silhouettes. For Michael Danielyan clothes design is not just a job, it’s his lifestyle, his world, a world, where he wants to see women in beauty. His clothes are made to emphasize the natural charm of every woman.